Current Needs


There are many resource needs with a project of this nature, and here’s how it works:  IFS, through its donors, co-ops with local villages to supply the initial start-up and early maintenance costs of a project.  Once the project is up and running, the village pays back to the Co-Op at a significantly reduced price.  IFS then offers the Co-Op opportunity to the next village, and so on.  As a partner, you may not be able to go yourself, but your presence can be represented by the sponsoring of a project, a person, or a specialized item of interest.  Maybe you would like to sponsor individually or sponsor corporately with your church, business, or small group.

International Friendship Summit

We’ve listed the following as our foremost projects for 2022-2023:


We want to reach the 150 children that are currently on our waiting list for school.  We need to build a second small building, provide educational materials, and we need one more teacher (but we’re hoping for three).  We also have several students that have specialized interests in engineering, medical, graphic arts, etc., and laptops are the most economical way to supplement their education (internet is temperamental but available).  Lunch with milk is a rare and wonderful addition to the school day.  The cost is minimal, and the impact is far-reaching—for many children, this is their main meal of the day.

Supply a laptop:$500
Build a school building:$10,000
Supply educational materials for the year:$150 or$2000
Supply educational materials for the month:$150 or$2000
Sponsor a child’s lunch for a month:$25 or$300
Sponsor a teacher (salary and living expenses):$300$3600


After initial start-up costs, maintenance costs of farming are reasonably low. A farm not only sustains a family, but easily graduates into a family micro-business, and in Indonesia, the growing season is 12 months long!

Start-up needs for farms are what you might expect in any country.  Farm crops include land-clearing items such as tillers, chain saws, or small tractors (which can be shard or re-sold), irrigation systems, and of course, seeds and fertilizers.  Livestock farms include initial building materials, water supplies, purchasing of livestock, and feed.  Fish farms include pond prep, aeration systems, purchasing of stock fish, and feed.  Our agriculture platform is ready to go and is just waiting for a sponsor for a Project Supervisor to manage the project expansion.

Small tractor$3000
Chain saw$500
Irrigation system$1000
Boar sire$1000
Sow female$500
5 Chickens$50
Sponsor a family farm:$100 or$1200
Sponsor a Project Supervisor (includes salary and living expenses)$300 or$3600


Water Treatment systems are wonderfully popular as a first introduction to addressing the health needs of a population.  We have chosen a larger osmosis system, rather than the individual family systems, as the system can provide water for an entire village, which builds unity in the village, and also becomes a micro-business for sharing water and sharing life with other neighbouring villages. Again, we build it, they purchase it when it’s financially self-sustaining, and we go build another one.  We’ve used this particular water system for 15 years in several different countries, and are very pleased with its sturdiness and longevity.  One water system unit serves 1 average-sized village (about 50 families). 

1 50 family Water Treatment System$3000
Maintenance, Equipment, Water containers$100 or$1200


The possibilities for providing medical care to hurting people are endless in scope and opportunity.  But this is where real need and suffering are met.  Bi-annual medical teams are comprised of American and Indonesian medical personnel, creating the perfect environment for using a world team approach to meeting the needs of patients. This is the most expensive platform that IFS sponsors, but all of our team members are volunteers (of course, sponsoring someone is always a blessing) and all medicines are purchased in-country at local pharmacies, so the primary cost becomes transporting the team into different villages up and down the river.  Water taxis are expensive and don’t always show up to take the team home at night, so owning a trustworthy boat has become a rather imperative need.  Motorcycles can be used by smaller teams for return visits to the villages for follow-up with patients.  Or if you happen to be a sponsor with a big dream …our greatest aspiration is to create a Medical Boat that floats up and down the Kapuas River, allowing for improved medical services.  We have a plan and a boat in mind…

Boat for team transportation$3000
Motorcycle #1$1500
Motorcycle #2$1500


Our camp in the jungle needs a little remodeling to accommodate the project supervisors and their families.  This is estimated to cost about $5000 for a new bunkhouse.  And lastly, there is the transportation cost of $1200 annually for our project director, who lives in Jakarta and will fly in quarterly for project supervision and leadership training.

So that’s the entire breakdown.  We’ve been as transparent as we know how to be.  No hidden costs, no offices to maintain, and no American salaries. Your donations go directly to the project that touches your heart.  There is a lot to do, and we know we can’t do it all.  But I can assure you, we are making a difference.  Please join us.  As a ministry partner, you become a part of the project, as equally important as the doctors, dentists, nurses, teachers, leaders, and helpers.  Without your shoulders for support, how can their hands serve …

Thank you for joining us.

International Friendship Service.

Our Vision is Realistic

We want the people affected by our efforts to notice real improvements.

By building on our past successes and establishing strategic priorities, we will have the foundation to become stronger and more efficient than ever.


At International Friendship Summit we are working to create hope and the opportunity for a better world.

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